This year we celebrate the 9th Annual Research Symposium sponsored by the Tropical Conservation Biology & Environmental Science Program at UH Hilo! Join us on April 6th & 7th 2017 for presentations about recent scientific research carried out in Hawai‘i.

On UH-Hilo campus

Our goal is to increase undergraduate and graduate student participation in both the oral and poster presentation sessions. To encourage widespread participation, we are offering this event free of charge, and will be awarding prizes for outstanding presentations in various categories.

Whether you are a graduate or undergraduate student, resident or visiting faculty, or agency personnel, we invite you to attend, share and find out about the latest research in the community around you!

Last Year 8th Symposium Keynote Speakers

Dr. W. Linn Montgomery and Dr. Jim Juvik

This year we will hear from two keynote speakers, Dr. W. Linn Montgomery, a coral reef ecologist from Northern Arizona University, and Dr. Jim Juvik, a professor emeritus of geography and environmental studies.

Linn Montgomery, a Professor of Biology of Northern Arizona University (NAU), grew up around the bays and coastlines near La Jolla, California, where he fished, surfed, and fived with snorkel and SCUBA. He received B.A., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees from the University of California Berkeley, UCLA and Arizona State University, respectively, then spent 2 years as a postdoctoral scholar at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts. His primary research interests focus on herbivory in marine and freshwater fishes, reproduction and life history of fishes, and most recently on the gut microbiome of surgeonfishes. His conservation-related work has touched on the effects of high-seas fisheries on salmon life history, as well as exotic species control in southwest desert streams. Various studies have taken him to Quebec, Newfoundland, Mexico, French Polynesia, Australia, Japan, Israel and, of course, the Hawaiian Islands. At NAU he teaches introductory biology as well as ecology, physiology, marine biology, fisheries management, and ichthyology at advanced and graduate levels. He has also served in several administrative roles at NAU, and as a Governor's appointee to the Arizona Game and Fish Commission, which sets policy for and oversees management of the state's fishes and wildlife.


Jim Juvik graduated from the University of California in 1971. After graduation, James received a fellowship to study in East Africa where, teaming up with French herpetologist Charles Blanc, he launched an expedition to Northwestern Madagascar where he confirmed the then uncertain survival of the Ploughshare Tortoise in the wild. Following completion of graduate work (Ph.D) in climatology and biogeography at the University of Hawai`i, Jim took up a professorship in the Islands, but diverted for several years to design and build the Panaewa Rain Forest Zoo in Hilo. He has published extensively on tropical cloud forests, island biogeography, and tortoise conservation.

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